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From Israel: The Chutzpah and the Stupidity!!

The chutzpah (gall, insolence) belongs to many of the Arabs inside of Israel and beyond.  The stupidity can be attributed to those of our purported leaders who condone or tolerate that chutzpah. What prompts this description (in this instance) is what happened in recent days with regard to the Damascus …

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From Israel: “This, We Must Win!”

“This, We Must Win!!” We must secure our rights to our Land – our rights not only to possess the Land, but to live in it peacefully.  Nothing else can be tolerated.  We have not waited for 2,000 years to come home, prayed for 2,000 years to be here, only …

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Arlene from Israel – Sharing

Note: An important piece today from Arlene not to be missed… We mourn his passing of David (Dudu) Rotem, who suffered a fatal heart attack on Monday. Rotem – a lawyer – had served as a Member of the Knesset for Yisrael Beitenu from 2007 until the most recent elections. …

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