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From Israel: Fighting the Fight That Must Be Fought!!

In my last posting, I described the hard-nosed position taken by the IDF on the orders of Defense Minister Benny Gantz (head of Blue & White) with regard to the Nachala Movement’s effort to promote the establishment of six new yeshuvim (settlements) in Judaea, Binyamin and Samaria.  The Nachala program …

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From Israel: “And I’m the Queen of England!!”

If you believe this, then you might also believe the message from “armed factions in Gaza” that the two rockets launched at Israel about 7 AM on Saturday morning were “caused by weather conditions.” https://www.timesofisrael.com/explosions-off-central-israel-coast-idf-probing-if-rockets-fired-from-gaza/ There were no sirens because the rockets, aimed towards Tel Aviv, landed in the sea …

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