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Arlene in Israel – A Political Circus.

It wouldn’t do, I suppose, for the political situation to have clarity for too long. Or for the news to simply be promising.  We’ve now entered the circus arena: the rumors are flying, predictions are contradictory, and some surprising alliances are being suggested as possible. All of this defeats clarity …

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Arlene in Israel – Looking Good.

It’s a long time since I have had a positive – even tentatively positive – sense of the political scene here in Israel. But here we are now, in a time of real turmoil, which nonetheless has within it the promise of something better than the unfortunate situation we’ve been …

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From the desk of Dr. Ron Weiser AM.

Well, we are 3 weeks or so into this truce and the answer to the first of our questions from August is self evident. Hamas appears to be committed to keeping the 1 month truce. I say appears, because once again Israel has been manoeuvred into a difficult decision. Having …

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