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Arlene in Israel – Is it getting better?

  First, a correction:  When I wrote about the tragedy in Gush Etzion the other day, I accidentally wrote “Gush Katif,” which no longer exists.  Thanks to those readers who caught this.  Truth is, I have never forgotten Gush Katif (nor should any of us) and occasionally I slip and …

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Arlene in Israel – “Before Shabbat”

On Tuesday, my co-chair of the Legal Grounds Campaign, Jeff Daube, and I participated in a Voice of Israel radio broadcast hosted by Jeremy Gimpel and Ari Abramowitz. Lior Amihai of ‘Peace Now’ was invited to join our conversation by phone. It was a lively discussion and I invite you …

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Arlene in Israel – Is There No End?

Last night there was a conference, “Israel Returns to the Temple Mount,” at the Menachem Begin Center in Jerusalem – this is an annual event of the Temple Mount Faithful. It was neither a large nor a raucous event. Rabbi Yehuda Glick, Temple Mount activist, was a key presenter: He …

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