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International Holocaust Memorial Day 2019.

It is International Holocaust Memorial Day today, and although it is not marked in Israel since we have our own Yom Hashoah after Pesach, this is a fitting time to both talk about the Shoah, to remember the different kinds of heroes who saved so many lives, and also to …

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From Israel: Ani Ode Chai!

Ani Ode Chai! The English translation—I am still alive!—doesn’t quite have the same impact. It is Yom HaShoah here in Israel today: The Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Day. Last night, the official ceremony was held at Yad VaShem. Every year I write about this ceremony, and the stories of …

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Rosa’s Story

“I wonder if that Jewish girl Grandma and her parents saved from the Nazis survived the war?” This is a story of the Holocaust, survival, resistance and terror beyond the language and perhaps most importantly about the people who  Yad Vashem and the State of Israel term the Righteous Among the …

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