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Update: World Vision Suspends Operations in Gaza.

In August we reported on the breaking news that the director of World Vision in Gaza, Mohammed El-Halabi (pictured with Mike McRoberts), was arrested by Israel for allegedly diverting tens of millions of dollars of aid and donations to Hamas terror. When the allegations broke, World Vision announced it was …

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How much Kiwi money Has World Vision sent to Hamas?

The news broke on 4th August that the director of the Gaza branch of World Vision, Mohammed El-Halabi, was arrested by the Israeli internal secret service for allegedly diverting tens of millions of dollars of World Vision funds to the terrorist arm of Hamas. It is reported that during the …

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Arlene from Israel: Making Our Way.

I hope and trust that my readers will understand: my postings are less frequent and possibly shorter because I am giving priority to my work on the Legal Grounds Campaign.  Once again, I invite anyone who would like to know more to contact me. ~~~~~~~~~~ There is no way I …

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