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Arlene from Israel: Where to Turn?

As you have undoubtedly observed, the state of the world is terrible and growing worse.  Social unrest, violence, threats of violence and more are all about us: From yet another – particularly horrendous – terror attack, this one in Nice; to an illegal immigrant problem in Europe that is out …

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Israel, the Liberal Country of the Middle East.

Summary: Israel is by far the most liberal country of the entire Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). It is also probably the most liberal country from Western Europe to Australia and down to South Africa. Diversity of population. Israel has a diverse population. The majority, 75%, are Jewish, about …

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Faceless Women of Saudi Arabia.

A few days ago I received a newsletter from MEMRI, a site everyone should subscribe to.  The newsletter was about a TV programme in Saudi Arabia concerning Saudi women and driving.  Truly mind boggling how the minds of Saudi men work.  The sheer ignorance is not believable. It’s worse than …

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