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The deadly myth of “White Genocide”

The myth that there is a conspiracy to commit genocide against people of European ethnicity is not only dangerous but deadly. It has now claimed the lives of 50 Muslims in New Zealand. The myth is known by various names: White Genocide, White Replacement, Ethnic Genocide, Ethnic Replacement and Demographic …

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The far Right and the ‘White Replacement’ myth.

An ominous trend imagines a global Jewish plot to ‘import’ non-Europeans in order to destroy European culture. Little more than a year ago, far-right activists in Australia could reasonably accurately be divided into three ideological groupings: civic patriots, nationalists and racialists. Whatever they might be said to have in common, …

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Lurking dangers of the racist right.

On the fringes of society, beyond the gaze of mainstream politics, there is a network of people propagating and planning an insidious and totalitarian goal – ethnic cleansing and genocide, under the rubric of their catch-cry ‘Race War Now’.  This is not only occurring in Australia, but is part of …

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