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Into the fray: Washington-Lausanne-Munich?

The gravest aspect of the emerging Iran deal is less its substance and more the professed rationale it is based on. Today, the United States… has reached a historic understanding with Iran… I am convinced that… it will make our country, our allies, and our world safer. This has been …

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Into the fray: It’s Islam, stupid!

Islam is to terror as rainfall is to flooding. With these words, Sami Abu Shehadeh, of the anti-Zionist Arab party Balad, commenced a debate with me on “The rise of anti-Muslim sentiment in the West,” which took place in the i24 News studios last month. Clearly, the events in Paris …

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Obama’s Veiled Threats

When Obama administration officials started making veiled threats, while questioning Jewish yearnings for peace, I was not at first sure what to make of it.  When, last August, 2013, former US Secretary of State John Kerry suggested that unless Israel comply with Obama’s insistence on telling Jewish people where we …

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