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Arlene from Israel – Recurring Nightmare.

How many times do we have to witness the funerals of innocent Jews cut down in their prime by terrorists? Sadly, a rhetorical question.  We’ve already witnessed it too many times.  And we know with a reasonable certainty that we are going to witness this yet again. ~~~~~~~~~~ Yesterday, the …

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We need real justice, not rumour

This week’s Torah reading – Shoftim – contains the well-known phrase ‘Tzedek tzedek tirdof’ (Devarim 16:20) – the injunction to pursue righteousness. This comes at the conclusion of verses which mandate the establishment of ‘law and order’ in society, which are built upon a judicial system, and police to enforce …

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Understanding the Left

I might have finally understood the Left. The stance of the Left is best explained by one of my favourite jokes – the social worker joke: Two social workers are walking down the street late at night. As they turn a corner, they see a man lying in the gutter. …

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