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On Vandalising Jewish Cemeteries.

Vandalising Jewish Cemeteries is nothing new. Is it a case of they can’t get rid of us whilst we are alive so “Let’s give it a shot now they are dead?” One of the worst cases known to the Jewish Community, that’s if you can name any one as being …

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A Badge of Shame .

Over a decade ago, I went to Poland with my oldest daughter. I had hoped to support her as she learned. I didn’t need to learn anything because I had read EVERYTHING, knew EVERYTHING…and quickly learned that for all I had read, for all that I had learned, I knew …

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Ukrainian Jews May Be in Danger

Written and submitted by Rachel Molschky – Cherson & Molschky  Blog site.   Choral synagogue in Kiev. The Ukraine’s Jewish population has been a target amid the political upheaval in the nation. A synagogue was hit with firebombs over the weekend, and there have been reports of anti-Semitic acts and …

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