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From Israel: “Dangerous?? Promising??”

We here in Israel are dealing with shifting international scenarios that are a bit unsettling;  For there is no certainty as to how they will play out. I allude, of course, to the evolving détente with various nations – primarily Aran and Muslims nations that Israel has long been accustomed …

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Jewish history in the United Arab Emirates.

Given the historic event of this week of an alliance between Israel and the UAE- United Arab Emirates, I decided to do some research about a country we know little about. Historic in more way than one, as Saudi Arabia gave permission for the first passenger plane to fly over …

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Oy Vey! Sussan Ley.

Tony Abbott’s recent reshuffle saw Sussan Ley promoted to the Cabinet, taking on the role of Minister for Health and Sport.  Let’s find out a bit more about her: Sussan Ley: From punk rocker to health minister As a high school student in Canberra in the 1970s, Ley walked around …

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