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The imperative of a complete ban on Hamas.

On October 1, the head of ASIO, Mike Burgess, expressed support for banning Hamas in its entirety. When questioned during a parliamentary inquiry, he stated, “Yes I would support it, but I am not the decision-maker.”  Mr Burgess went further, “There’s no doubt the group as a whole does advocate …

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From Israel: Devious and Detestable!!

The situation described below has serious implications in several respects. It is a major story that is finally starting to get badly needed attention. And so, I ask that you share this as broadly as possible.  You assist Israel when you provide solid, factual information that is not well known …

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INTO THE FRAY: Gaza-Déjà vu…Again?

The problem of Gaza was created by the belief that land could be transferred to the Palestinian Arabs to provide them a viable opportunity for self-governance. We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them— A maxim attributed to Albert Einstein.  Insanity is doing the same …

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