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In Sydney, A Vision Of An Islamic Army.

Well might Bibi Netanyahu tweet: Well did the great communicator make that point in the magnificent speech he made, to rapturous applause, at the Grand Synagogue in Paris. This past weekend, in the Sydney suburb of Lakemba, a speech of a rather different complexion took place at a “public event” …

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Antisemitism at RALLY for GAZA.

I decided, against my better judgement and curiosity, to attend a pro-Gaza rally in the city (Sydney) on Sunday 13th July with a friend. …………… but let’s forget that for the moment. The night before, Saturday,  I and a few other Israel supporters, were posting on the Facebook page for …

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“What is the agenda of the Sydney Alliance?”

 What is the Sydney Alliance? This, according to their very expensive web site, is what they are. Sydney Alliance: “The Sydney Alliance is a citizens’ coalition whose vision is to provide the community with a voice to express common values and aspirations for a fair and just Sydney. Sydney Alliance …

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