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If You’re British, Sign The Petition!

If You’re British, Sign The Petition! Let MPs know that there is widespread opposition to unilateral recognition for a Palestinian state that isn’t the result of direct negotiations This message from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign refers, of course, to the House of Commons vote this coming Monday on a motion …

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Arlene in Israel – Unstable.

  Sukkot. “v’samachta bechagecha”: and you shall rejoice in your festival. This is it, Sukkot, our season of rejoicing.  My very favorite holiday.  The spirit is in the air, here in Jerusalem.  I look forward to meals in the Sukkah (much larger than the illustration here!), and sleeping in the …

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Dear Sweden.

Dear Sweden, The nation, the government, much of the people, the land… You are idiots. Swedish police record 60 hate crimes against Jews in 2012, up from average of 22 in 2010 and 2011. Sweden has stepped forward to recognize the independent  – an impressive and bold action that shows …

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