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The ‘Palestinian’ Art of Stone -Throwing.

 Stone-throwing.  What  is it with Palestinians, read Arabs ? A definition of stone-throwing Individuals or groups who deliberately target and attempt to maim or murder people, by throwing rocks of a size and mass that can accomplish this objective, either directly at them, or at the vehicles in which they …

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The Children’s Intifada.

The Elder has a recent piece entitled, Aw, what a cute little stone thrower, which highlights the work of Reuters’ photographer Abed Omar Qusini. These examples of Qusini’s work project the image of a cute, sympathetic and innocent Palestinian-Arab “David” slinging rocks with his little slingshot at… something… with the world blowing …

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The “Peaceful” Rock Hurlers.

Written and published  by Rachel Molschky of Cherson and Molschky. Israel bashers always make light of Palestinian rock throwing, calling them “just a few pebbles” or trying to justify the violence. But this rock throwing is part of the Palestinian culture, and it can be extremely dangerous. Arutz Sheva has …

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