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Amazon Selling “Make Israel Palestine Again” T-Shirts.

Amazon.com is selling T-shirts that say “Make Israel Palestine Again,” a not so subtle endorsement of ending the State of Israel.  The shirts are listed as “In Stock.  Ships from and sold by Amazon.com.”   This stands in contrast with some merchandise Amazon sells that comes from third-party sources. Similar …

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Social media Notes # 1

Rogue feminist Camille Paglia – during her recent book tour promoting Free Women, Free Men: Sex, Gender, Feminism – suggested that comments under blog posts represent a certain kind of art-form. Given Paglia’s semi-iconic status within the intellectual community that should give some of you the warm-fuzzies. I do not know if it …

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A surprise from Kuwait.

On March 27th, doing a crawl through the pro-Palestinian leftist Facebook ‘Israel hate sites’, I came upon a video from the Kuwait Times, regarding the shooting of an Arab by a member of the IDF. I was angry after having posted and argued earlier elsewhere that I thought a person …

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