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Shlomo Epstein – IDF Medic.

The Ballad for the Medic is one of the most powerful songs about the IDF. On Yom Hazikaron, IDF Memorial Day for fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism, the radio is full of songs that have to do with the army, bereavement, and memory. Many of these songs are very …

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Arlene from Israel: Rights Spelt Clear.

  This is an old post I found of Arlene Kushner’s from before Jews Down Under was born.! Certainly a ‘keeper’ for all as it lays out the Jewish Rights to the land of Israel. —————————————— A different sort of posting here: legal and historical background that is essential to …

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Into the Fray: Back to the ghetto? Waxing insane

Herzog’s new policy proposal amounts to little more than an “aggressive retreat” behind higher & more extensive walls—and the ghetto mentality they symbolize. Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad – ancient proverb, misattributed to Euripides. Q: What is the difference between the State of Israel …

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