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Oz Torah: Shavu’ot features.

THE MITZVAH OF SHAVU’OT. The rabbi of my childhood synagogue called Shavu’ot the Cinderella festival, because in many circles it is rather unloved. The other festivals have colourful symbols to make them popular – the Seder on Pesach, the shofar on Rosh HaShanah, the lulav and sukkah on Sukkot, the …

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Oz Torah: A Shavu’ot prelude.

A GREEK NAME FOR SHAVU’OT. In old Anglo-Jewry they didn’t use Hebrew names for festivals when they could use English. They knew of Passover more than Pesach, Tabernacles rather than Sukkot, New Year instead of Rosh HaShanah. They would have used an English name for Chanukah too if they could; …

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OzTorah: Ask the Rabbi – Shavuot

THE CINDERELLA OF THE FESTIVALS. It’s a shame for Shavu’ot. Rosh HaShanah has its shofar, Pesach its matzah, Purim its Megillah – but Shavu’ot has no special mitzvah to make it colourful and popular, and Jewish opinion seems to have decided that it is a non-event. Further, every yom tov …

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