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No Room at Banksy’s Inn.

Bethlehem is holy to Christians, as it was in a manger in this city that a baby boy was born, after his parents were turned away from the inn because there was no room for them. So naturally a new hotel in Bethlehem assumes a special significance, reminding us of …

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The Great Wall of Saudi Arabia.

Where is the hue and cry against the news that  Saudi Arabia has built a 600-Mile (965 klms) ‘Great Wall’ to Shield Itself From ISIS?  Not a peep. Where are the Greens, where are these do-gooders and ‘Palestinian’ supporters ? Israel built a barrier to separate Herself from murderers, Jihadists …

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Israel: Separated for Security.

Western Wall and the Reform Movement

This is a repost of an article I wrote last May 2014 and ask Why is Israel Separated for Security?. Very recently I wrote an update on this entitled ‘The Great Wall of Saudi Arabia’  and now have added the Hungary/Serbia border barrier  and Hungary/Croatia. The Saudis are adding to …

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