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From Israel: WOW and WOW AGAIN!

The head spins: things are happening so quickly. But it’s a good spin. A great spin. ~~~~~~~~~~ Let me back-track just a bit. Two days ago, when last I wrote, intelligence indicated the likelihood that there would soon be an attack by Iran launched from Syria; it was expected that …

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From Israel: Balagan of the first Order.

The Hebrew word “balagan” means confusion or muddle. “Ezeh balagan”: what a mess. It is a most appropriate term, I think, for describing the news as it is coming to us these days. ~~~~~~~~~~ The most recent, and potentially serious, flap has to do with what is presumed to be …

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From Israel: Never Easy.

No one ever said it would be easy. When something turns out as we hoped it would, we might murmur “Fantastic!” and allow ourselves a momentary sense of ease or satisfaction. But in no time at all – bang! – we are likely to confront a stumbling block. Then we …

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