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‘Arlene from Israel’ – Brief Notes

Brief Notes: Here I want simply to share information and analyses provided by others that will enlightened you – and, in one case, even entertain you. The subject at hand, first, is the issue of the land in Gush Etzion that has been declared state land – in the process …

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News & Views from ‘Arlene in Israel’

Submitted and written by Arlene Kushner. January 26, 2014: Legal Grounds. These are the legal grounds Israel has in Judea and Samaria – charges by the international community not withstanding.  It is what I – and my co-chair on this effort, Jeff Daube, head of the Israel office of ZOA – …

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Judaea and Samaria: A day to remember.

 This is an updated version of an item I wrote after spending an incredible day  in Judaea and Samaria  on March 13th 2012. I had a day to remember  when Ari Briggs took me on a memorable and exhilarating drive into the West Bank. It’s a day I will not …

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