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Seeing the Holocaust Through Nakba Eyes.

People have accused U.S. Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) of getting her facts wrong about her version of history as it related to the Holocaust, in stating that ‘Palestinian’ Arabs helped European Jewry when they did the exact opposite.  Her defenders explained that her words were misconstrued and taken out of …

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From Israel: Inconceivable. America today!

Or so I would have thought. Yet, in America today this is what we see: Florida Young Democrats (FYD) has a new Central Florida Regional Director, Rasha Mubarak.  In their announcement welcoming her, Florida Young Democrats noted that she had previously served as the Central Florida Regional Director of the …

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From Israel: We Are Not Total Idiots!!

“We”? I am speaking of Jews:  The Jews here in Israel, certainly.  And some percentage of American Jews. I’ve been tracking the growing antisemitism in the US – including in the halls of Congress — with alarm and anger.  But, focused on events here, I have not written about it …

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