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Is it racist to oppose fascism of color?

Many westerners seem to believe that opposition to political Islam (Jihad) is equivalent to racism. This is why progressives – or what Dave Rubin, and others, refer to as the “regressive-left” – so vehemently oppose the vetting of Arab-Muslim immigrants into the United States. They honestly do not care about …

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Antisemitism rears its ugly head in Bondi.

Residents of Bondi and Double Bay, the Jewish heart of Sydney were shattered to find antisemitic flyers in their mailboxes on Monday August 25th. The flyer appears to have come from a group by the name of  “Squadron 88” Facebook page here They say: squadron 88 is a NSW based …

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Satirist – or Racist and Anti-Semitic?

Satirist – or Racist and Anti-Semitic? There’s nothing better than a good satire. Fairfax’s Ben Pobjie, after bewailing the lack of talent on Australian TV compared with the US and Britain added that “we should take a moment to recognise that we actually have some damn talented folk in this …

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