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Oz Torah: A dying person’s right to know – Ask the Rabbi

ABORTION. Q.  Does Judaism permit abortions? A.  Judaism regards children as a blessing and procreation as a religious and moral obligation. Through children a couple cement their own relationship and ensure personal and cultural continuity. Through children they enrich the world:  who knows whether the child they bring to life …

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Oz Torah: AMEN – Ask the Rabbi

AMEN. Q. Why do we say Amen after certain prayers? A. From one point of view, saying Amen shows that we care. When you hear a statement of fact or opinion and are concerned enough to say Amen, you are not indifferent or apathetic. You know there are some things …

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Oz Torah: Leaving a legacy – Shavu’ot.

NOT COMMANDMENTS Central to Shavu’ot is the Revelation on Mount Sinai, where God gave “Aseret HaDibrot” (Ex. 20:1-14). We call them “The Ten Commandments” in English, so why isn’t the Hebrew “Aseret HaMitzvot”? The Hebrew means “Ten Words”. “Word” has several meanings; in this context it is like the phrase, …

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