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Egypt discovers the “Mother of all Tunnels”

A military spokesman in Egypt announced that  Egyptian border guards have discovered a tunnel, 2.8 kilometres long and three meters deep. Military Spokesman Mohamed Samir said  in a statement on his official Facebook page the tunnel was used by “terrorists” and “criminals” in the smuggling of individuals, goods, and “arms …

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Westerners Who Shill For Terror States.

With all the outpouring of support for jailed Aussie journalist Peter Greste, we tend to have lost sight of the reality, especially when the media laud him as a martyr for press freedom.  Consider this editorial in The Age: Gathering the news without fear or favour. It has now been …

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Luxury in the world’s largest prison !

The Arab world and Leftists would have you believe Gaza is a living hell, a prison with every commodity and necessity of life absent. When one looks however, it is a whole different scenario. Peter Hitchens in the Mail Online writes: ”It is lunchtime in the world’s biggest prison camp, …

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