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Islamic and Arab Countries Fiddle While Syria Burns.

Australia’s decision on 5 June to no longer refer to East Jerusalem and the West Bank as “occupied territory” but rather “disputed territory” has provoked outrage among Islamic and Arab countries accredited in Australia. They sought and received an urgent meeting with Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop on 19 June – …

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Palestine – Australia rejects fiction to recognise reality.

Australia will no longer be referring to East Jerusalem and the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) as “occupied territories”. Attorney-General George Brandis made this clear when he read a statement to the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee this week indicating the language of “occupation” was: “judgmental”, “freighted with pejorative implications” and …

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The Palestinian Authority Never Wanted Peace

  It’s safe to say the Palestinian Authority shot itself in the foot with the Hamas/Fatah reconciliation. By joining forces with a terrorist organization whose number one goal is to obliterate Israel, there can no longer be any doubt that PA President Mahmoud Abbas never intended to make peace, and …

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Arlene in Israel – Finished

  The “peace process” is dead, but Kerry refuses to sign the death certificate.  Pathetically, he hovers over the diplomatic corpse as if he can invigorate it with new life.  He’s pushed on before when the situation seemed grim from his perspective. But this time I believe the situation is …

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Palestine – Jordan Gets Jittery Again

Jordan is Palestine Conference review

Written by David Singer. Jordan has become increasingly jittery after US Secretary of State John Kerry’s framework agreement for peace missed meeting the second deadline for its release on 21 February – having initially been promised by the end of January. Now US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro has let …

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Press release: Dr. Ashrawi condemns recent statements by Australian Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop.

Press release from the ECAJ – Executive Council of Australian Jewry. Press Release from the Department of Culture and Information of the PLO Executive Committee.  The document contains several false assertions about international law by Professor of English literature, Dr Hanan Ashrawi.                              PLO Executive Committee Department of  Culture and …

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