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Childish games.

Not long ago, a group of 49 State and Federal Australian MPs signed a petition critical of the alleged “cruel” mistreatment by Israel of Palestinian minors in detention in the West Bank (actually the number is 48 because one  signatory denies having signed it and APAN have apologised). The petition …

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Rising star of the Left – Melissa Parke.

Melissa Parke is an Australian politician. She has been the ALP member of the Australian House of Representatives, for Fremantle, Western Australia, since 2007 . Two days ago, on October 27th, Max Chalmers of the good old ultra leftist rag “the new matilda” wrote: Melissa Parke breaks Labor ranks to …

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If You’re British, Sign The Petition!

If You’re British, Sign The Petition! Let MPs know that there is widespread opposition to unilateral recognition for a Palestinian state that isn’t the result of direct negotiations This message from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign refers, of course, to the House of Commons vote this coming Monday on a motion …

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