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Arlene from Israel: Redemption!

That, in the end, is what Pesach – which begins Friday night – is about for the Jewish people. We talk about Pesach as Chag Ha’matzot (the festival of matza) and Chag Ha’aviv (the spring festival); it is all of this, as well as being the festival of freedom (Zeman …

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OzTorah: Ask the Rabbi.

THESE ARE THE TEN PLAGUES. The Haggadah lists “Elleh eser makkot”, “These are the Ten Plagues”, but the plagues did not stop at ten. Jewish and world history are full of other terrible experiences – ten times ten and more besides – and unlike the list in the Haggadah they …

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‘Carr’ Sickness !!

A terrific must read piece written by Jack Chrapot and very kindly submitted to ‘Jews Down Under’ by Emily Gian. Media and Advocacy Director, Zionist Federation of Australia.. This Monday night, we sit down to read about the liberation of the Jews from slavery back in the days of the …

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