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The Idiocy of the Jews

The American public, along with 71 percent of American Jews, just voted for a presidential ticket that has vowed to fund the Palestinian Authority even as the PA insists that it will finance the “Martyrs Fund” which we call “pay-for-slay.” What this means is that whenever some random Arab in …

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I still cannot get over the fact that any Democrat who comes into the White House will favor “pay-to-slay.” This is the policy wherein Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority (PA) literally pays-off random Arabs who kill Jews in Israel with foreign tax dollars.  What is even more strange is that Democrats …

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The Unbearable Lightness of Jewish Whiteness.

Attached is a piece by Vic Rosenthal, published at the Elder of Ziyon and his own blog, Abu Yehuda, titled, “Are there ‘Arab Jews?’” He opposes the notion of “Arab Jews” on the basis of historical analysis and an appreciation for the ways that the language we use heavily influences …

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