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The Lost Israeli Public Relations War.

Many battles have been fought by the Jewish people from time immemorial to the present day and almost miraculously the identity of Jews within the Jewish State of Israel will be maintained until eternity. One battle we have lost however is the one alluding to public relations where continuous failure …

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An Irish Teacher’s Harsh Unreality.

Republished with permission of HonestReporting According to her Twitter profile, Daire Louise O’Dowd is a geography and English teacher.  Sadly, judging by her inaccurate and ill-informed mess of an article on IrishCentral, a US-based news site catering for the global Irish diaspora community, she should certainly not be educating anyone about the …

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Palestinian “Refugees” or “SAPs”?

Wards of the World The well-know secret (but not discussed, as honesty is considered impolite in politics) in the halls of governments around the world is that there are currently only 30,000 Palestinian refugees as defined by the United Nations. That definition states: “Palestine refugees are defined as “persons whose …

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