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From Israel: The Pain and the Fury!!

We are struggling with both here in Israel. Again. Still. “Don’t let Yehuda’s blood be spilled in vain,” cried Shlomi Dimentman, amidst sobs, at the funeral of his brother on Friday. “…rebuild the Homesh settlement and not just the Homesh Yeshiva. The ruins here are a black stain on the …

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Into the fray: A 660 lbs. war crime.

“Such a missile would pulverize a house to dust. It blasted a crater that is impossible to describe… There is no protection that defend us in the case of missiles like this.” – Gaza-border resident    I have written on Gaza in my last two columns—one just before the latest …

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Report Sheds Light on Hamas’s Sinai Arms Smuggling.

In recent years, Israel has waged a covert war against a large-scale Hamas effort to smuggle weapons into the Gaza Strip, a Hebrew-language media report has said. The Jan. 6 report, citing unspecified international media sources, was published in Walla News, one of the largest online Israeli news agencies. Since …

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