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From Israel: Balfour Declaration: Speak Out!

Thursday is Balfour Day: Marking 100 years since British Foreign Secretary Lord Walter Balfour wrote a letter on behalf of the British government to Lord Walter Rothschild, a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain. “His Majesty’s Government view with favor the …

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Are Israeli settlements illegal?

Israeli settlements in the West Bank have been tried in the New Zealand court of public opinion and found to be illegal.  Waikato Professor of Law, Alexander Gillespie, recently declared in the NZ Herald that  “There is no question in international law that these settlements are illegal.”  Similarly, many of …

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Arlene from Israel: Step-by-Step

There are – forgive the cliché – just so many hours in the day.  And so, which happens now and again, as I am working on the Legal Grounds Campaign, it is impossible to do a full posting, as much as I would like to. There is enough happening to …

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