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New York Times Pushes the Lie of Israeli Apartheid.

The New York Times’ jaundiced opinion in its news articles that Israel is an apartheid state treating Arabs as non-citizens without rights is advancing at an alarming pace. It is resorting to shoring up its screed with outright lies and glaring omissions with greater frequency. Consider the article by David …

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Stripping the veil away.

fighting antisemitism

This was an unmistakable sign. One will miss it or ignore it at his peril. The despicable cartoon just published by The New York Times in its International Edition stands as one of those existential gut checks, those moments where the veil of complexity is stripped away and we are …

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From Israel: What Is Normal?

We are back to routine after the Pesach week – and a splendid week it was in many ways. I wanted to say we are “back to normal,” but it is unclear to me precisely what constitutes “normal.” The balagan (confusion) of daily life, with its good and bad, is …

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Arabs in Jerusalem.

Listening to the United Nations, one might fear that Palestinian Arabs are being “ethnically cleansed” in Jerusalem due to Israeli “occupation.” Here are some facts (statistics as of 2011 as compiled by the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies). Fastest Growing Group in Jerusalem and Most of the Middle East The …

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David Mamet Tells the Left to Go Screw

The following tidbit was written by Marnie Winston-Macauley and published by Israpundit. The year 2008 was a very strange one for the Liberal literati of New York and Hollywood. It was the year they believed playwright, screenwriter, director, essayist, novelist and poet, David Mamet, “outed” himself as a Conservative. For many of …

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Why the Media Ignores Jihadists in Israel.

Summary: According to the NY Times, terrorists in Europe and Israel are very different and have different motivations.  If they weren’t, the hope that two states (Israel and Palestine) could live side-by-side in peace would obviously disappear. The New York Times has taken to breaking the universe of Islamic terrorists …

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