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Lurking dangers of the racist right.

On the fringes of society, beyond the gaze of mainstream politics, there is a network of people propagating and planning an insidious and totalitarian goal – ethnic cleansing and genocide, under the rubric of their catch-cry ‘Race War Now’.  This is not only occurring in Australia, but is part of …

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Richard Spencer: White nationalist.

On Saturday, 12th August in Charlottesville Virginia, a group of people descended on the city to demonstrate and stop the city’s officials from removing the monument of Robert E. Lee, a confederate soldier.  Spotted within their ranks were KKK members, white nationalists or whatever that means, neo Nazis, antisemites. etc.  …

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Is anti-Zionism necessarily Antisemitism?

“Israeli flags not welcome at London rally against antisemitism” This above is the title of an article a few days ago  on the Times of Israel  which created quite a stir in discussion regarding anti-Zionism and antisemitism and really got me worked up. Speaking at pluralistic Golders Green Together counter-protest, …

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