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Palestineism is Toxic Racism.

Racism is a form of hatred which believes that all members of a particular group are inferior and/or evil.  In itself, it is ugly but not dangerous, a localized noxious belief system based on bigotry.  Racism becomes toxic when it spreads and obtains power. Such is the state of Palestineism, …

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The Mourabitat Women of Congress.

In 2012, the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel (now banned) created a group called the Murabitat which were tasked with harassing Jews that visited the Jewish Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  It received funding from Hamas, the terrorist group that has the majority of seats in the Palestinian …

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Contemporary Sources of Antisemitic Incidents.

There is much debate over who poses the greatest threat to Jews in the 21st century.  Some point to the Far Right, others to the Islamists, and some to the far Left.  Often, it is ideological or political considerations that determine where the pointing is directed towards, rather than looking …

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