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From Israel: Jaw Dropping!

I knew that our Mossad was the very best, but this is above and beyond.  Many of you are already aware of their incredible feat; nonetheless, I lead off with the news of Israel’s intelligence coup regarding Iran. Last night, Prime Minister Netanyahu delivered a bombshell address, in English, regarding …

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The Great Mossad Shoe Caper of 2015.

Asghar Bukhari, according to the Daily Mail, is a founding member of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, UK.  If you keyword his name on YouTube you will see that he has had significant access to major media, including the BBC. Mr. Bukhari, if you have not yet heard, is accusing …

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Arlene from Israel – Seeking Sparks of Light

I’m going to do something different today: Start with good news items.  We need to hear that good news, with all the clouds hanging over us. The first is the matter of Israeli-Japanese relations, which have blossomed astonishingly in the past year.  This is true in the areas of diplomatic …

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