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From Israel: The Electoral Soap Opera!

My friends, I think it would be lovely if we could segue directly to early April and time for the Israeli elections. But, unfortunately, that will not be possible. And so, I will continue to share basics of the campaign, without an undue focus on details that might seem obscure …

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Arlene in Israel – Tough

  The word “tough” has different meanings, and I am actually using it in more than one sense in this posting.  The first meaning – difficult to deal with – applies to the video directly below. From “Jewish Voices on Campus,” it is exceedingly important and I ask you all …

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News & Views from ‘Arlene in Israel’ – With Twisted Arm

Submitted and written by Arlene Kushner. Today was Tu B’Shvat. Actually the time considered the new year for trees (an issue with import in Jewish law) but popularly thought of as a sort of Jewish Arbor Day.  Trees are planted in honor of the day, and fruits and nuts – …

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