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Melbourne theatre’s anti-Israel partners

 Hot on the heels of learning about anti-Semitism at a the Red Rattler a fringe Sydney theatre – – comes news that a mainstream theatre in Melbourne has entered into a sponsorship deal with Qatar Airways, which is wholly owned by the government of terror-supporting Qatar.  Some facts: An absolute …

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The Kaddish Club

They gather together in the middle of the work day, converging on venues around the Melbourne Central Business District (CBD) for about ten minutes, then returning to their busy work schedules. They are the men of the ‘ Club’. There is a long tradition of mincha in the Melbourne CBD – with …

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Progressive Judaism and Interfaith Dialogue

  Recent events have revealed an increasing gulf between progressive and mainstream Jews, especially in relation to the value of interfaith dialogue. In Melbourne, Rabbis Fred Morgan and Jonathan Keren Black reflect the progressive viewpoint. In an attempt to understand their position, a few extracts from Fred’s lengthy speech delivered …

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