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From Israel: “Calling It Out!!”

The time for politically correct obfuscation is past.  There is no room for pretending we don’t see: The issues are simply too important for it to be any other way. I turn back here to the attack last week at the kosher market in Jersey City, which is now being …

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Lies and more lies. Raw hate on campus

At what point does a university assist in inciting and supporting violence? How about charities and NGOs that are supposed to be on a mission of peace? These are questions I was left asking myself after recent events at both the University of Kent and UCL. The latest event in …

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A silence worth breaking, the reservists fight back.

 For anyone living outside of Israel and opposed to the delegitimisation of Zionism, it is difficult not to be aware of the movement called ‘Breaking the Silence’ (BTS). ‘  The Boycott movement against Israel frequently use their material, the anti-Zionist groups on campus show their video clips on a loop …

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