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Arlene from Israel – “The Ikar”

“The Ikar” (the essence of the matter) Tomorrow night my eldest granddaughter goes off with her class to Poland for a week, to visit death camps and related sites.  In Israel doing this is a rite of passage.  She and her 12th grade classmates have been exceedingly well prepared.  I …

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Arlene from Israel – Off-Again On-Again War

If we listen to what Netanyahu said yesterday, he never really thought our battle with Hamas was going to be peacefully resolved – he refers to it as “on-going.”  That would mean that even when there were negotiations proceeding during a ceasefire, he knew. Could well be. There were so …

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Arlene from Israel – Déjà vu.

How many times? How many times do we count down as the final hours of a 72 hour – or 120 hour – ceasefire come to an end, aware that resolution of the issues between Israel and Hamas is exceedingly unlikely and wondering what will happen next?? The guessing is …

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