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Oy Vey: Jews Rally For and Against Islamisation

During the recent protests, Jews divided their support between opposing sides. So which one is the ‘right’ side? I hope that Jews – whichever side they chose – oppose: ·        Racism (and that includes anti-Semitism). Most Jews believe in an inclusive multiethnic society, such as exists in Australia and Israel.  …

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BDSers/Leftists eat your little hearts out.

Sorry to keep harping on about this folks, but it is sweet music to my ears. It looks like SodaStream has scored big time thanks to Scarlett Johansson having the courage of her conviction to stand up for what she knows is right.   Her name can now be added …

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‘The Enemy Within’

The AJDS – Australian Jewish Democratic Society – despite being a “Jewish” organisation, is virtually like having the enemy in our midst. They are commonly called “the enemy within”. They are a Jewish group with extreme leftist views who do all they can to demonise Israel. To my way of …

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