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Fighting fire with fire: The Right discovers Lawfare.

Left wing organizations have long viewed judicial activism as their best antidote to electoral failure, but that is about to change. It seems like an axiom of political quantum mechanics that the Left is extremely well financially endowed, while the Right operates on air. Armed with financing from European governments …

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Noura Erakat, Israel’s Smiling Enemy, Speaks at Berkeley.

If Brooklyn-based “feminist” and Palestinian apologist Linda Sarsour is the progressive-left flavor of the month, George Mason University international law professor Noura Erakat is a more intellectually significant, up-and-coming player in the growing Western, anti-Jewish, Israel-hating business. Approximately fifty people attended Erakat’s keynote address at the recent UC Berkeley conference on …

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The Use Of ‘Lawfare’ In Fighting Terrorism.

Lawfare Many New Zealanders would probably have thought about the threat terrorism poses to us, and how that threat can be managed.  The state of Israel has been at the forefront of the battle against terrorism for decades. That battle takes different forms: through diplomacy, intelligence, security forces, cyber security …

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