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Israel Election time.”The Silly Season”- : Opinion piece Jan. ’19.

The silly season is upon us and the even sillier season seems to be approaching fast. Israel is going to elections on the 9thof April. On the one hand when it comes to actual policies, it is the Seinfeld election – yet again – an election about nothing – well …

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Labor lost and is not likely to win any time soon.

This is the article I wanted to write one week before the recent Israeli elections but I chickened out.  Who wanted to predict inevitable defeat for the strangely named Zionist Camp, or is that Union, when the polls and the pundits were already celebrating victory?  The dust has settled but not the …

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Arlene from Israel – THE ELECTION

This is a posting of utmost seriousness, my friends, about a subject that is both weighty and complex. I will do my best to clarify. We’re not looking at an election that is “simply” a contest between two candidates with somewhat different opinions and styles: We are talking about radical …

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