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Jews from a different planet.

“But why does he have to make provocations with these declarations of his?!” I was shocked to hear this sentence come out of the mouths of my Jewish American relatives. Yes, they were referring to Trump (who they hate) and to the Jerusalem Declaration. I love my relatives but they …

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The sound of the Shofar resounds through Martin Place

MEMORIAL SERVICE ” KRISTALLNACHT – The NIGHT OF BROKEN GLASS” 9 NOVEMBER, 1938  Today I attended a memorial service in Martin Place, organised by the Council of Christians and Jews,  commemorating 75 years since the dreadful event known as Kristallnacht. It was very moving and tastefully executed with Six readings …

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Ode to Kristallnacht

Written and submitted by Dr. Bill Anderson. His outstanding career has included lecturing on the Holocaust at Deakin University for over 20 years  and is currently Historical Consultant and Educator at the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Melbourne and has led ‘Australian Adult March of the Living’ trips to Poland and …

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