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From Israel: Eyes Ahead and Moving Past It!

I am, clearly, not happy about the Democratic win in the House. But I do not see this as indicative of a “blue wave” that signals a crisis for the Republicans now or for Trump in 2020. Traditionally, the party that does not control the White House gains seats in …

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The Jewish political community is divided and distressed.

As I write, Israel is reeling over the Azaria case, the United Nations is pushing all-in on Jew Hatred, Jihadism is on the rise in Europe, white nationalism and anti-white racism are both on the rise in the United States, Obama is hitting the road (or, at least, crossing the street), the Russians are unhappy and shaking their fists, …

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Israel is a “Burden” to the Democratic Party.

In a recent piece by Times of Israel staff we learn that, according to the Brookings Institution, a majority of Democrats consider Israel a “burden.” The great majority of Americans, however – 76 percent – disregard Democratic Party disdain for the Jewish state and see Israel as a “strategic asset.” And they …

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