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Obama, Pope Francis and Judenhass.

Pope Francis gave his Christmas speech for peace.  First came his concerns for Syria. Then he turned his eye to the “Holy Land.”  And said “Peace to women and men of the beloved Holy Land, the land chosen and favoured by God.  May Israelis and Palestinians have the courage and …

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Antisemitism v anti-Semitism.

fighting antisemitism

The incorrect spelling of antisemitism is getting to me more and more of late. I feel the need to write about it in order to get people to spell it correctly by learning the meaning of the words and where they originated. Somewhere, somehow in recent years the spelling has …

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Is anti-Zionism necessarily Antisemitism?

“Israeli flags not welcome at London rally against antisemitism” This above is the title of an article a few days ago  on the Times of Israel  which created quite a stir in discussion regarding anti-Zionism and antisemitism and really got me worked up. Speaking at pluralistic Golders Green Together counter-protest, …

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