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Arlene from Israel – Awful and More Awful

June 23, 2014: The Middle East, with the singular exception of a stable, prosperous, democratic Israel, is in a state of turmoil and transition – with enormous violence and instability the norm.  We are seeing Sunni-Shia tensions, increasing radicalism, and the break down of borders. And the situation is only …

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‘Arlene in Israel’ – Dark Clouds

  In my last posting I wrote about “rays of light,” and indeed they do exist.  But I would be remiss indeed if I were to convey a simple-mindedly optimistic message.  The somber truth is that we are facing down some exceedingly tough situations. For starters, there is Hezbollah.  I’ve …

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Palestine – Kerry can’t keep kidding himself.

  US Secretary of State John Kerry’s unshakeable belief that he could succeed in facilitating what had eluded former American Secretaries of State for the last 20 years – the creation of a 22nd Arab State in the West Bank and Gaza for the first time ever in recorded history …

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Palestine – Jordan Gets Jittery Again

Jordan is Palestine Conference review

Written by David Singer. Jordan has become increasingly jittery after US Secretary of State John Kerry’s framework agreement for peace missed meeting the second deadline for its release on 21 February – having initially been promised by the end of January. Now US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro has let …

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Arlene in Israel – The Only Game in Town.

  The Only Game in Town Let me qualify this: The only viable game.  I’m speaking of the Levy Report Campaign. I’m not promoting this because I’m working on it. Quite the contrary, I am working on it because I believe it merits enormous promotion. Why do I call it the …

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Water pipeline to link the Red Sea with the Dead Sea

09 Dec 2013 Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs “This is a historic agreement that realizes a dream of many years and the dream of Herzl. The agreement is of the highest diplomatic, economic, environmental and strategic importance.” Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority on Monday afternoon (9 December 2013) signed …

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