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Jihad and the Destruction of History

Islamists and Jihadis love to blow things up. Islamic Jihad just called for a return to suicide bombings against Jews in Israel, but when they aren’t blowing up Jews they just love to blow to smithereens the ancient antiquities of other cultures. Anyone who follows the chaos which is the …

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The True Nakba of the New Palestinians.

joining terror organizations

The Arabs who now call themselves Palestinians consider the Nakba as a pivotal event in their history. Nakba refers to the trauma of the failure of the mighty Arab nation to wipe out this little blotch on the map called Israel.  We Jews had the gall to come home and …

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Why the Media Ignores Jihadists in Israel.

Summary: According to the NY Times, terrorists in Europe and Israel are very different and have different motivations.  If they weren’t, the hope that two states (Israel and Palestine) could live side-by-side in peace would obviously disappear. The New York Times has taken to breaking the universe of Islamic terrorists …

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