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The Dhimmi That Got Away.

Israel is The Dhimmi That Got Away.  The fundamental basis of the never-ending Arab-Muslim aggression against the Jews of the Middle East is the Muslim religion as outlined in the Qur’an and the Hadiths. Period. Full stop. It is not an aggression based upon notions of social justice, as the …

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Abbas Slaps Putin and Obama.

“Palestinian officials rejected a recent US proposal for a trilateral peace summit with Israel, a Palestinian official said on Sunday, amid reports that efforts for possible talks hosted by Moscow were pushing forward. Senior PLO official Wasel Abu Yousef told the Jordanian daily al-Ghad that the US had been informed …

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The parameters of the discussion.

Most westerners – left, right, and center – think of the never-ending conflict between Israel and the “Palestinians” as one between a country with one of the most prestigious and effective armed forces in the world versus a small and hapless, but plucky, indigenous population. What we need to do …

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